Yin Yoga & Breathwork

Sunday 11 February & 10 March | 15.00-17.30

Where yin meets yang. A feminine soft energy starting this event with yin yoga. After we will invite that more masculine yang energy during the breathwork.

Indulge yourself with this delightful evening of selfcare. Give space to your higher state of consciousness where the body and breathe will follow the experience. Without any ambition we will let go of any tension and give ourselves time and space to reconnect with our deeper selves.

Yin Yoga

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) speaks from yin energy as our feminine energy. It’s about letting go, invite the stillness and about our emotional life. As we don’t always have the time to get our rest and digest yin yoga can help you. Help you to let go of tension that has built up. On physical level we let go of the muscular tension so we work on the connective tissue.


By connecting the incoming breath with the outgoing breath we open our body. Welcoming every sensation, reaction, feeling that comes across. As certified breathing coaches we will be gently guiding you into this journey. Connect with your inner wisdom, your true nature. Connect with your heart.

Why Yin Yoga and Breathwork together?

If you are not familiar with breathwork it can be quite exciting to dive immediately into the unknown. Yin yoga will prepare you for a softer space in your heart to start and gives you calmness and peace. To become aware of your natural breathing. After this practice you can make your journey in a conscious and deepening understanding of the self.



Yin Yoga & visualisation 

Breathwork session

By 2 certified breathwork facilitators


 The Breathing Space

Van Kinsbergenstraat 50

Amsterdam west




Yin Yoga



Closing the event

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, High inner eye pressure, Detached Retina, Cardiovascular problems, Strokes, Clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds).


In cooperation with

Naldu – Nard



Nard is a certified breathing coach and studied the Shambhala Buddhism for several years. He is trained in Reiki and different forms of meditation. He assists in sound healing ceremonies, playing hand pan and drum. His aim is to help you find calmness and peace of mind in the turmoil of daily life.

Laura is a certified breathing coach, studied Vipassana meditation since 2012 and teaches yoga classes (vinyasa, yin and nidra). By connecting with her own heart she walks this life journey with great passion and is willing to share her inspiration in connection with others. She likes to offer you a safe space where the body and mind meets.